Image Archive

Photographs of the local area and local people.

North Lincolnshire Museums has a collection of over 30,000 photographic negatives and prints. The collection ranges from views of the largest towns to the smallest villages. It covers a variety of themes including agriculture, industry, leisure, religion, and sport. The collection creates a comprehensive visual record of the history of North Lincolnshire from the middle of the 19th Century to the present day. 

Black and white image of a residential, 1960s, tower block
Langland House in the Westcliff Estate, Ashby. Now known as Trent View House
Black and white photograph of blast furnaces. Several cylinders and chimneys with grass in foreground.
Blast furnaces, Appleby Ironworks c.1900
Black and white photograph of a tower windmill. There is a white house in the foreground.
The Mill, Scunthorpe.

More than 16,000 images have been digitised and added to the Image Archive website. New photographs are added continually. Print copies of photographs for personal use can be purchased from the Image Archive.

Image Reproduction Requests 

Contact us about licensing an image of an item in the collection. 

Image Request Form

    Please quote object number and the name of the image (where available) or Please supply as full a description of the image as possible.

    Image Reproduction Fees

    The fees are for colour reproduction per image. For black and white reproduction fees are reduced by 50%.

    Download PDF

    Terms and Conditions for Reproduction of Images

    These terms and conditions apply to all reproductions of images of the collections.  Reproductions in an electronic or multimedia product are subject to these terms and conditions and also the additional terms and conditions, see below.

    Permission to reproduce any image is dependent on the full acceptance of the terms and conditions as detailed below. Permission will be automatically withdrawn should any part of these terms and conditions be infringed.

    1. All requests to reproduce images pertaining to material whose copyright belongs to North Lincolnshire Museums must be made in writing prior to reproductive use.
    1. North Lincolnshire Museums reserves the right to refuse any request or to withhold reproduction rights should the request not meet the required criteria. 
    1. Reproduction of items in North Lincolnshire Museums’s collections from images other then those supplied by North Lincolnshire Museums is strictly prohibited. Reproduction from low resolution digital images, 35mm slides or microfilm is not permitted except in multimedia products.
    1. Permission to reproduce is subject to all fees being paid in full. Reproduction fees are payable at the time of the supply of the image. The fee payable covers only the specific occasion detailed on the original application form. The rights granted are non-exclusive. All reprints, further editions, or use of photographic material, separation film or printing plates, other than for the purpose for which permission is granted, necessitates a new application to North Lincolnshire Museums and payment of a further fee. This also applies to television programmes where permission to reproduce covers one transmission only. The permission granted and fee paid covers only one reproduction of each image in the product. The multiple use of an image is subject to an additional fee.
    1. The purchase of an image, in whatever format, does not in itself carry with it the right to make a reproduction in any form. Copyright in all images (as defined in the Copyright Act 1956 and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988) remains the property of North Lincolnshire Museums. North Lincolnshire Museums requires that any publication right created by the publication of previously unpublished, out of copyright material be assigned back to North Lincolnshire Museums. Photographs of works of art by living artists or artists who died less than 70 years ago can only be supplied, other than for research and private study, if the applicant has obtained written consent from the owner of the copyright, a copy of which must be sent to North Lincolnshire Museums before the photographs can be released. North Lincolnshire Museums cannot and does not undertake to give any form of advice or information, legal or otherwise, in regard to ownership of copyright in these cases.
    1. North Lincolnshire Museums takes no responsibility for any action resulting from unauthorised publication or distribution of reproductions of works which are in copyright. The applicant must undertake to indemnify North Lincolnshire Museums against any such liability which may arise in any circumstance.
    1. If an image is required for publication an application must be made for Reproduction rights.
    1. All reproductions must be credited “Reproduction by permission of North Lincolnshire Museums” or “North Lincolnshire Museums”. This right is asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
    1. No work of art will be reproduced larger than life-sized without special permission from the North Lincolnshire Museums. Where permission is granted and a work of art is reproduced larger than life size the magnification must be stated in the caption.  
    1. Where only a part of a work of art is reproduced the word “detail” must be included in the caption.
    1. No image supplied for reproduction may be stored in a digital archive, nor may any hired transparency be duplicated for future use. The client must ensure that that any digital image copied to a computer hard drive has been deleted after the licensed use and must inform the North Lincolnshire Museums that this has been done.
    1. Images supplied by North Lincolnshire Museums are not to be lent, resold, and hired out or otherwise circulated without prior permission of North Lincolnshire Museums.
    1. Colour reproduction must be close to the original. No manipulation of the image, other than for colour correction, is allowed without prior approval from North Lincolnshire Museums and based on the submission of artwork detailing the proposed changes.  Any cropping of an image reproduced must be sensitive to the paintings subject matter and the artist’s signature.
    1. In addition to the reproduction fee, the client shall provide North Lincolnshire Museums with a complimentary copy of the product within 10 days of publication.
    1. Images cannot be supplied to individuals or companies operating a photographic hire or sales service.
    1. North Lincolnshire Museums reserves the right to alter prices without notice.
    1. In certain circumstances, for example certain educational uses, the North Lincolnshire Museums may, at their discretion, waive the reproduction fee. Where a reproduction fee is waived, the North Lincolnshire Museums requires that a copy of the publication be sent for the reference library.
    1. These terms and conditions and the licence granted to reproduce the North Lincolnshire Museums photographs shall be governed by the laws of England.

    Additional Terms and Conditions for Reproduction in Multimedia Products

    1. North Lincolnshire Museums will allow the reproduction from 35mm slides, and of microfilm of manuscripts, in multimedia products. The latter (microfilm of manuscripts) is subject to vetting by North Lincolnshire Museums for suitability.
    1. The image shall not be stored at a higher resolution than 640 x 480 pixels at 72ppi, except for binary images of text, which may be stored to allow a magnification of x2 on screen.
    1. The client shall take sole responsibility for preventing third party access to the photographs in the product. North Lincolnshire Museums requires that the images are not accessible as individual or identifiable files. Specifically, it shall not be possible to copy or otherwise extract the images in the normal course of using the product except to print pages for personal use.
    1. The client shall ensure that the product includes a strongly worded copyright notice, on the packaging and as a screen display included in the product. It must acknowledge the copyright of North Lincolnshire Museums photographs and state in all relevant languages that the contents are protected by UK copyright law and the following are prohibited:
      1. Public performances or display, including transmission over a network, except by specific and separate agreement.
      2. The preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or part of the image.
      3. Any rental, lease or lending of the product.
    1. The client shall be responsible for ensuring that any thirdparty distributor or producer of the product shall be bound by these terms and conditions. 
    1. On publication, all digital copies of the image, except those on the master disc to be used for further production runs, shall be destroyed. North Lincolnshire Museums requires that the client confirms in writing that this has been done. No further copies shall be made except those made from the master as a part of the production run to be distributed and sold in any additional production run.
    1. In addition to the reproduction fee, the client shall provide North Lincolnshire Museums with a copy of the product within 10 days of publication.
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