The rich heritage of North Lincolnshire is reflected in the size and quality of the archaeological collections. All periods of the past are represented, from the Palaeolithic to the modern day. The collection includes archives from major excavations and field projects. It also includes a number of large metal-detected collections and stray finds.

Preservation of local archaeology was one of the founding principles of the museum. Former curator, Harold Dudley, was a respected archaeologist. Between 1913 and 1956 he established a nationally important archaeology collection.

The collection has continued to grow and features objects from in and around North Lincolnshire. It includes human skeletal material from cemetery excavations and single burials. There is a small but significant collection of coins and medals.

Roman wine jug handle in the form of a lion with a salamander on its back, from Appleby.
Anglo-Saxon hanging bowl from Manton.
The Early Bronze Age beaker from Ulceby.
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