Flixborough 1974 Resource Pack

On the 1 June 1974 an explosion at the Flixborough Nypro chemical plant killed 28 people and impacted people across our region and beyond.

North Lincolnshire Museum’s exhibition ‘Flixborough 1974’ tells the story of the disaster through the memories of local people.

To assist local schools with this topic, Arts and Heritage Learning have produced several teacher resources that are available to North Lincolnshire schools.

What does this support include?

Teaching staff can access:

  • Flixborough Disaster School Resource Information Pack, a pdf which includes: a summary of the events, a timeline, maps, testimonials, activity suggestions and a glossary.
  • Flixborough Disaster KS2 School Assembly, a PowerPoint presentation which includes: images and notes which sit alongside the Flixborough Disaster School Resource Information Pack.
  • A digital collection of newspaper clippings relating to the disaster.
  • Further examples of witness testimonials.

These resources can be used by school staff or a member of the education team can deliver an assembly or workshop on the topic in school. Between May and November 2024, there will be an exhibition at North Lincolnshire Museum commemorating the disaster.

If you would like to register your interest in the Flixborough 1974 resources, visit the exhibition or schedule a special assembly in school, please contact Arts and Heritage Learning on artsandheritagelearning@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 296039.

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